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10 Novelty Kitchen Gadgets

10 Novelty Kitchen Gadgets

August 29, 2017

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They say that a bad workman almost always blames his tools for his failures. And true to those tools and especially the kind of kitchenware you choose to use can make a whole lot of difference in as far as the culinary masterpiece you end up coming up with is concerned. In light of this, we are going to explore some novelty kitchen gadgets that are used in the kitchen scene to make one’s cooking escapades a little more interesting.

1. Super Marts Melon Scoop

The super marts melon scoop is a game changer novelty kitchen gadget that makes separating the fruit from its skin a tad easier. It is, in essence, a perfect tool when one needs to make quick the work of snack time. What's more, you can use it to separate the seeds from the fruit as well. 

2. Hockey Stick BBQ Set

The hockey stick BBQ set is a set of grill tools made from repurposed professional hockey sticks. Apart from making your barbeque task a little less tedious, it will also help cheer you up when you’re feeling all blue when the season is long gone.

3. Customizable Cookie Stamp

The cookie stamp is a clever little tool that helps you play around with your food using letters, numbers and a variety of characters including exclamation points and hashtags. After all, cooking should never have to be a dull affair when it can be all fun and games.

4. Nostalgia Bacon Express Grill

This upright griddle cooker happens to be a very handy tool when you’re making bacon because it allows you to cook all the bacon you want without having to turn it.

5. Hard Boiled Egg and Rice Molds

For egg lovers, this might be an indispensable tool to have in the kitchen any time any day. All that you have to do is place a peeled, hard-boiled egg in the egg molds while it's still a little warm and voila, you will have adorable bunny shaped eggs in virtually no time at all.

6. Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press Set

Making your homemade ice cream sandwiches and store bought cookies has never been easier. With this little device, your cooking escapades just got a little bit easier to do at the very comfort of your kitchen.

7. Keyboard Waffle Iron

You are probably thinking to yourself that this couldn't be possibly true. Well, believe it or not, it is in every sense of the way as real as they come. With this gadget, you can make the humongous waffles you've so been longing for.

8. Smart Touch Chef Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer

When making pasta you definitely want to savor all the different pallets therein with every bite. However, we all know that that can only happen when your pasta is cooked to a perfect al dente. The great news is the Chef Al Dente is a water proof timer that serenades you when the pasta is cooked to a perfect al dente. This means that you can finally get to enjoy your pasta and savor the different flavors after all.

9. Novelty Cutting Board

A novelty cutting board other than being a handy tool for all your chopping and cutting needs also happens to be quite the aesthetic enhancer when it comes to bringing out the pomp and color in the kitchen area.

10. Fred and Friends Taco Truck Set

The taco truck stands prevent your tacos from falling on their sides.

The plethora of gadgets available in the kitchen scene to help make your cooking easier and adventurous in a way changes the whole ball game of cooking. All you have to do is be in possession of these tools and you will be well on your way to coming up with a culinary masterpiece to be desired. Choose a novelty cutting board to your image!  

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