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25 Food Tips for Better Cooking

25 Food Tips for Better Cooking

July 28, 2017

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When it comes to cooking, everyone has their own set of tips that they follow for better results. And while most tips happen to do quite well, some may not augur as well as one would often imagine. Here are a few cooking tips that we thought might be of great help for purposes of better cooking.

  1. If you are planning to cook pasta, then it would be best to soak it in water in a sealed bag for a couple of hours beforehand.
  2. Since kiwi fruits can tend to be a bit hard on the surface, use a spoon to peel it from the inside out.
  3. Since baking can go either way depending on how your oven and ingredients are, it is best to start off with a test sample. That way you will be able to tell whether there is a problem with the oven or whether you need to add a little something to your ingredients.
  4. If you are going to use ginger in your food, then grating it with a rasp might be more favorable than mincing it.
  5. If it’s absolutely necessary for you to have left over pizza, then ensure that you add hot sauce on to it so that it still tastes great the next day.
  6. For perfect potato wedges, use an apple slicer.
  7. Make it a habit of marinating your steak 10 minutes after cooking so as to savor all the fantastic flavors.
  8. If you want to use lots of boiled eggs, you can peel them at once just by shaking them around in a pot.
  9. For stir fries and stews, you can choose to freeze the meat beforehand so that it’s easier slices into smaller portions.
  10. Instead of spending a lot of time peeling potatoes, you can just boil them and the skin will eventually just slide off once they are well cooked.
  11. The best way to get more juice out of lemons and limes is to first microwave them.
  12. If you want your corn ears to fall off more easily, you can put them in the microwave and they will fall right off.
  13. To get rid of the bitter taste in green like kale, soak them in a bowl filled with ice water beforehand.
  14. If you are making dough and want to add some butter into it, first freeze the butter then grate the frozen butter directly to the dough for an even distribution.
  15. When slicing your avocado, it would be best to slice it while it’s still in its skin.
  16. If you want your cooking water to boil a lot faster, place a lid on of the pot.
  17. For purposes of avoiding a lot of wobbling and slipping of the wood cutting board when chopping and cutting your ingredients, place a damp paper towel beneath it.
  18. Add a pinch of baking soda to your onions to caramelize them.
  19. If you’re going to cook either chicken or fish, then it would be best to cook it whole so as to get more juices and flavors.
  20. If you are going to buy ginger in bulk, then ensure that you freeze them and only grate them as and when needed. This will help them stay fresh for a longer period of time.
  21. Although recipes happen to be a great aid if you miss an ingredient that isn’t part of the main ingredients, your dish will still turn out just fine.
  22. Crack your eggs on a flat surface to avoid food contamination.
  23. Once you have the recipe and you have studied it well enough, all that’s left to do is to play around with the ingredients to make a fabulous meal.
  24. Sharpen your knives as often as you possibly can.
  25. Get yourself a quality novelty cutting board for all your chopping and cutting needs.

With these tips, you should be able to not only hasten your cooking process but also be able to make it a whole lot better!

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