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The Best Kind of Cutting Board

The Best Kind of Cutting Board

June 29, 2017

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It is no secret at all that the cutting board is the second most essential item to have in the kitchen after the knife. Regrettably, often times people tend to forget its importance in not only protecting the knife and the countertops but also in making food preparation safer and easier at the end of the day. In this article, we are going to explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic cutting boards and wood cutting boards in efforts to dispel some of the conflicting ideologies that exist about both.

Advantages of Plastic Cutting Boards

  • The surface of the plastic cutting board is nonporous. This means users can easily drench it with hot water for purposes of disinfecting the board without necessarily causing undue harm to the board itself.
  • Plastic has a long life span because of its hard nature.
  • Plastic boards are generally inexpensive compared to wooden cutting boards.
  • Plastic boards are much lighter and thus easier to move around from point a to b.
  • Plastic boards come in a variety of colors and shapes hence making it easy for one to match them to their house décor.

Disadvantages of plastic cutting boards

  • It is virtually impossible to clean and manually disinfect a knife scared plastic board.
  • Plastic is harder on the knife and hence shortens your knife’s lifespan.
  • Plastic boards leave grooves where bacteria can hide.

Advantages of wooden cutting boards

  • Wood, being water absorbent in nature dries quicker and gives bacteria less time to survive.
  • Wood has natural antibiotic agents that impede the growth of bacteria.
  • Wooden boards are more aesthetically appealing compared to plastic boards especially if you’re able to get one that is custom made for you from Novelty Cutting Boards.
  • Wood is both biodegradable and renewable.

Disadvantages of wooden cutting boards

  • It is tougher to sanitize wooden boards as opposed to plastic boards.

If you are looking for an ideal cutting board, look no further. A wooden board is bound to be more helpful for use around your kitchen and offer you a broader spectrum of advantages to enjoy. Visit our website to choose the best wood cutting board for your needs.

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